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SHP Internship "The Offer" from SkyHigh Productions on Vimeo.

Are you interested in filmmaking?

How would you like hands-on practical & professional training free of charge that will train you up to industry standards, working on a specific project from start to finish!? Training worth thousands of Euro, the opportunity to learn from the guidance of seasoned filmmakers that can help you up the ladder, & when your training is complete, you may very well be hired by us!

SkyHigh Productions® has a fantastic opportunity for anyone looking to start a career in filmmaking and television - one that can only be gotten through hands-on practical application of the craft.

Apply to our Internship programme to work on one of 3 forthcoming projects this year (2018): build your skill-set, network and portfolio through training on some very interesting and exciting local story-driven documentaries in the Drogheda region;

Various Roles are on offer as part of the programme, everything from the visual & aesthetic to the technical and logistical. Select the Role that interests you and submit your application by 21-MAR-2018 to be called for interview in April. Before applying, please ensure you meet the minimum criteria:

  • Applicants must be a minimum of 18 years old
  • Applicants must be in the Drogheda region (within a 5 mile distance)
  • Applicants must be able to commit to a minimum of 15 hours per week on their specific project

Internship Roles

Production Assistant

Assists with the daily operations, office tasks, coordination, arrangement and administration of logistics and finance for a film.


Creates Storyboards, Sets, Wardrobe, Colour Designs, Concept Art and the general design features of content on screen.

Camera Operator

Manages the logs, labels, data and operation of camera hardware, monitors and recording on set.


Helps craft the story in its final ensemble; cutting, correcting, grading and mastering content, colour and sound.

Focus Pull

Ensures the subject matter being filmed is in perfect focus at all times by operating manual or wireless focus equipment.


Assembles rigs, c-stands, flags and camera hardware for the Production Crew to operate. Also designs and manufactures internal rigs as required.

Marketing & PR

Conducts Networking, Promotions, Press Releases, Press Junketts, online Engagemnet with audience, Social Media Mgt and Sponsorship activities.


Operates and manages Sound Recording Hardware, ensures locations are suitable for recording, works with Producer and Director to design up Audio Plans and Sound Maps.


Managed the lighting and electical aspects of the Production, loading and unloading lighting rigs, power sources and ensuring that safety is adhered to at all times.

Line Producer

Manages the day to day coordination of Personnel, Budget Expenditure, Call Sheets, Accounts and liaises with Director to ensure the Production is under control.