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What's the difference between #Film and #Video? What's the big deal anyway? You have a camera, something to record, and, you point and shoot! You have now made a "film", right? Well, no, you have created a video, and there's nothing wrong with that, but it's not #Film! So what makes recorded moving images & sound a "film" & not a "video"? Take part in our Workshops and Master Classes to find out from Highly Skilled & Experienced Professional Filmmakers with decades of experience in the industry from Hollywood to Pinewood, from Commercials to Television Drama & from Documentaries to Corporate Films - our Mentors are members of the ASC, BSC, ACO, Pga, ISC, PgGB & FNF, as well as Brand Partners & more besides!

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Cinematography Masterclass:

with Bill Bennett ASC

When lighting for commercials and the "pack shot", it's an art unto itself. Join us on this hands-on Masterclass workshop led by Bill Bennett ASC who has specialised in cinematography for Commercials for over 30 years. His expertise in lighting is fabulous and he will take you through the practical process of lighting for commercials, the principles of which can be applied to any reflective object!

Director of Photography, Bill Bennett ASC, is a Cinematographer and pilot based in Los Angeles California. Bill has been shooting automobiles, aircraft, people, and places for national television commercials for over 20 years. Bill specializes in various digital formats and 35mm motion picture film format.

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This 2 Day Masterclass is Scheduled for September 2018, the fee to attend is €765 total

SeánÓ's Challenge:

with Seán Ó Cearrúlláin MSc BSc PMP®

Sports Commercials - they're awesome, but a real challenge to light and make emotional! Challenges are what make us grow and help us to achieve what we never thoght possible. This workshop is ALL about challenges, you will be given the chance to work with SkyHigh Productions® founder and Managing Director, Seán Ó Cearrúlláin MSc BSc PMP®, to learn the process of shaping light to match energy, speed & plot to create a 2 minute Short that will make you feel alive!

SeánÓ has been working in the industry for twenty years, beginning his career as an editor and moving onto a role as Producer/Director in later years on Promotions and Commercials. This workshop will give you a window into the industry like never before.

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This 2 day workshop is Scheduled for September 2018, Price: €475

Music Video Masterclass

with Matt Alonzo DoP

Music videos are super fun to create and a real challenge to get right. Today's music videos are different from the 80's & 90's when low budget meant "really low budget" - today you can light and create a cracking music video for very little money.

Join us on this one of a kind Workshop where you will be guided by & learn from seasoned Director of Photography, Matt Alonzo DoP, who has made hundreds of successful music videos for some of the biggest stars on the planet.

Get the most out of your HDDSLR camera and kit lenses: anything is possible once you know how to use the tools available to you.

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This 2 Day Workshop is scheduled for October 2018, Price: €575

Camera Movement Workshop

with the Association of Camera Operators (ACO)

Moving the camera when filming requires immense skill, patience and a strong sense of timing. Camera movement can either add or detract from a storyline, winning or losing an audience. So, just how do you elicit emotion with the camera and what movements should you be using, and how do you know which ones to choose?

Join us on a fantastic 2 day workshop led by industry professionals from the Association of Camera Operators as they teach you the skills needed to elicit emotion from Camera Movements.

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This 2 day Workshop is Scheduled for October 2018, Price: €475

Cooke Optics Workshop

In association with Cooke Optics

When choosing glass, what factors should you take into consideration and how do you use aspect ratio to tell a story?

Join us together with Carey Duffy from Cooke Optics and other special guests as they get you working hands on with Cooke Lenses, vintage and modern, to learn the best way to choose the right aspect ratio for your story and how to test them correctly!

Go hands-on and light the scene, test the lenses and find out just why Cooke's lenses are chosen by so many around the world for their features and shorts.

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This 2 day workshop is Scheduled for November 2018, Price: €675

Lighting Masterclass

In association with the BSC

Join our team and special guest British Society of Cinematography members as we run through a very intensive and interactive course that shows you the best way to get the most out of the lighting, on a budget!

Learn the best use of colours, gels, filters and more in relation to light, when to chose hard versus soft light for emotion. Why use Shadow, why silhouette someone, and when is it the right time to do so, and just how do you do that and yet keep other elements in frame lit aptly?

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This 2 day workshop is Scheduled for June 2019, Price: €765

Preproduction Masterclass

with Seán Ó Cearrúlláin MSc BSc PMP®

Without doubt the best way for any project to go FUBAR is due to lack of proper planning and preparation, but that also means you can overplan, and overprep a project! So what's the best way to get it right, every single time?!

The truth is, you have to be meticulous and unscrupulous in your management of funds and people, without pissing people off! It's a fine balancing act that requires patience and vision to complete.

And it starts with building your team, delegating out roles, trusting your team to get the job done and putting the structure in place that will allow the "process" to flow.

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This 2 day workshop is Scheduled for November 2018, Price: €475

The Hurlbut Masterclass

with Shane Hurlbut ASC

This is a real treat and an amazing opportunity to learn from a master of light...

Shane Hurlbut ASC is an American Cinematographer that has completed over 30 Hollywood movies, including Terminator Salvation, In the Blue, Need for Speed and Fathers and Daughters. As well as Motion Pictures, Shane specialises in Commercials with a storydriven edge to them. A brand ambassador for numerous camera, lighting and kit manufacturers, Shane pioneered DSLR implentation in motion pictures with Act of Valor in 2012.

Join us as Shane takes you an journey of Cinematography for storytelling that will leave you excited for years to come. Join the "Insider's Club" & find out when this goes live...

We are working with Hurblut Visuals to arrange a date in late 2018, Price: €765

Drama Cinematography Masterclass

with Cathal Watters ISC

Cathal Watters is an Irish Cinematographer with 30+ credits to his name in Irish, British and Amercian television and cinema. He brings a unique and energetic style to his storytelling techniques with a focus on lighitng and directing. Having worked as the DP on Peaky Blinders for 6 episodes, Cathal went on to complete production on a new movie called Dark lies the Island to be released in 2018.

Join Cathal as he takes you on a journey of creation & interactive storytelling, putting your skills to good use just as he would on the set of any professional production. Imagine having that on your CV, & being able to talk about the experience of it to your next employer! Join the "Insider's Club" & find out when this goes live...

This 2 day workshop is Scheduled for Early 2019, Price: €575


Commercials Masterclass

with Director, Brett Danton

Brett Danton works exclusively in the Commercials sector, producing some of the most beautiful cinematic ads you will ever see for the likes of Jaguar, Emirates, Virgin and many others.

When it comes to capturing a story for a Commercial that will sell something, there is a very delicate balance that needs to be achieved as the Client is footing the bill and ultimately your work has to sell theirs! We are working with Brett to secure a date that he can guide you in a workshop that will both challenge and enlighten you, making you a far better director in any walk of life.

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This 2 day workshop is Scheduled for sometime in 2019, Price: €575

Coffee "Meet Cute" Workshop

with Seán Ó Cearrúlláin MSc BSc PMP®

"Meet Cute" is the old style for two lovers accidentaly or incidentally first meet each other in an audio/visual storyline. It's one of the most challenging but fun things to create, film and get right in the edit! Having a catalyst such a coffee shop and a chance meeting can make creating that story, and shooting for the edit, so much easier.

So join Seán as he takes you through the set-up, the plot, directing characters, nurturing the performance & making the audience fall in love with the moment. Join the "Insider's Club" & find out when this goes live...

This 2 day workshop is Scheduled for February 2019, Price: €475

SitCom Workshop

In association with #TBC

Sitcoms were and are all the rage, they will never go out of fashion, but they are a very busy and intense subject matter to film and edit.

There is so much going on on a Sitcom set, you have to know your job inside out and it's a nightmare when it goes wrong. This workshop is run in association with long term television producers and directors to help you hone your craft just that little bit better and give you that edge that gets you your next tv gig. Join the "Insider's Club" & find out when this goes live...

This 2 day workshop is Scheduled for January 2019, Price: €575

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