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Feature Commercials

Our "Commercials" department create sales driven films that captivate audiences and bring brands to life on screen leaving an indelible mark on viewers; converting them to your customers!


Have a great story that needs telling on screen? Our Documentaries department can help you shape, craft and realise your vision in moving image with quality sound, picture and narrative that makes people stand up and take notice!

Corporate Features

Let the world know what you do and how you can solve their problems with a direct approach - make it easy for the customer to understand who, what and where you are and why they should come to you; Use the power of a stylish and professional set of online films that brings clarity to everything, while selling your brand!

Event Videography

Record your events for future release on DVD or online, or live stream your content to the world in real time - whatever your needs, we have you covered!

We Specialise in Feature Commercials

No Longer for Television:

Today it's possible to create Broadcast Level Feature Commercials for online distribution reaching the masses at a fraction of the cost Television would require. What's more, you can distribute the content for free via your YouTube® channel and Social Media Accounts, helping it to go even further, so all in all you pay one cost for the production of the Commercial.

Commercials are not just for the big brands, and you don't have to go all M&S or House of Frasier to achieve greatness. A simple but clever commercial can be produced for low budgets too, it's not about quantity, it's about quality - and that's priceless!

So even if you're simply a micro enterprise you should still consider investing in an online commercial that highlights your products and/or services to your audience, and convert them to customers 24/7!

Demo Reel:
Check out our short reel of various Pack Shots and Experiential/Demo Shots in action;

If you're in marketing, running an ad agency or digital marketing service, then you should really get in touch to find out how we can help your clients, of all Shapes and Sizes. We have packages that fit Micro Enterprises, SME's and Large Global Brands.

We can come to you or you can come to us and we'll set up a studio here in Drogheda saving your client's money! With a full range of hardware and assets available, low budget to large budget projects are all catered for and still save you money...

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We Also Specialise in Corporate Films

Professional Communications:

To be competitive in today's marketplace, your business needs a video of some kind! There is simply no better way to connect with the marketplace than with a well crafted storydriven film that has exponential value over time. It's an investment you can't afford to be without, and we certainly have a solution to fit your needs!

Without dynamic "digital film" content on your website, visitors will simple "Bounce" meaning they land and jump off in the same motion.

Retaining potential customer interest is much easier to do when you entertain them! Why? Because people buy from People, and Digital Film allows people watching and listening to connect with your brand, making your company much more tangible and personable!

Corporate Demo Reel:
See our Portfolio of Corporate Films here!

We shoot nearly all of our Corporate Films at the Client location, but you can come to us and we'll set you up in our studio here in Drogheda saving your client's money! With a full range of hardware and assets available, low budget to large budget projects are all catered for and still save you money...

Read more about the different types of films and how they impact viewers differently here!

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Live Stream or Record Your Next Event

Connect, Engage, Sell!:

Streaming online LIVE has become the new way to engage with customer bases and enhance a brand's power in the wider world, but events videography holds so much more power that when considering how best to utilise it, your business really needs an experienced and dedicated team that can make the content feel organic and "viewer immersive"!

Whether for a Product or Brand Launch, Internal Celebration, Investor Relations or Marketing Materials, capturing your event in Digital Film Format is one of the smartest moves your company could ever make.

SHP Event Demo Reel:

The wealth of methods for its use later on is incredible and its reach; exponential

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Creating Memorable Moments in Time through Story-driven Documentaries

Factual & Entertaining:

We are after all a Film Production Company, so it makes sense that we would focus on the art side of the industry as well as the business side.

We produce our own in-house programmes, but we can just as easily cater for the needs of others with a story to tell but without the means to bring it to life on screen.

With decades of experience and skills under our belts, we can guide you in creating a documentary that highlights something important that you feel the world ought know about. From research to funding and technical to practical guidance & execution, we have it all here under one roof.

Documentaries Reel:
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